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Sunday, 1 April 2007 12:00 AM

The Site Config area within the IASP Control Panel contains important global variables such as site-wide Meta Data, your website address, contact information and third party information such as your integrated credit card payment gateway account details.

By selecting the Site Config option from the IASP Control Panel you can directly edit the values entered into the relevant fields.

With the exception of the Meta Data (as outlined in the full version of this article) and your contact details, IASP typically enters all values within the Site Config area of your website during the production process.

Unless you are certain about changes you wish to make to the Site Config please refer to IASP for direct support.

Meta Data:

The first three fields in the Site Config area of the IASP Control Panel allow direct entry of global Meta Data into every page of your website.

The Meta Data fields are:

Site Name: This is one of the most important areas of content witin your website.

Your Site Name appears to visitors in search engine results, at the very top of web browsers when visitors view your website and is used in several default settings throughout your website. For example your User Registration Form is typically produced to display: "<Site Name> Registration", and the automated messages sent to visitors such as the User Confirmation e-mail is signed off by default as "Regards, The <Site Name> Team". If you plan to enter an alternative Site Name to just your business name, please also look over the Austomated Messages area in your IASP Control Panel to replace the generic <Site Name> in the various default settings.

In our experience Google places high emphasis on ranking your website based on the keywords and phrases contained in your actual Site Name, we recommend entering 8 - 1- 8 - 10 words containing your business name and most important search keywords/phrase.

Meta Keywords:

The Meta Keywords are 'hidden' from visitors and are for the sole purpose of assisting search engines such as Google to catalogue your web site. The Meta Keywords should contain words and phrases visitors are likely to use when searching for the products or services you provide. Meta Keywords and phrases should be entered with comma's separating them e.g. key,word,key phrase,another key phrase etc.

It is not necessary or recommended to have too many key words and phrases, the top 50 - 100 are ample, excessive key words and phrases can lead to your website being blacklisted by Search Engines.

Meta Description:

Meta Description is a brief summary of your web site and your business. This displays beneath your Site Name in search results, and should be no more that 10 - 15 words.

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