What domain name settings are required?

Thursday, 23 February 2012 1:16 PM
Option 1:

Set/Change the Domain Name NameServers to:


Option 2:

Request your domain registrar to:

Change the root domain name Record to ALIAS websites.iasp.com.au
and www sub domain Record to CNAME websites.iasp.com.au in your DNS settings

  • If you choose Option 1 and would like Enotia to also manage e-mail please just advise the address(s) required and we will do the rest

  • If you choose Option 1 and want another party to manage e-mail please obtain the MX Record details from your mail provider and advise Enotia and we will do the rest

  • If you choose Option 2 Enotia will have nothing to do with e-mail and you will need to make your own arrangements

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