What Are Mail List Topics and how do I manage them?

Monday, 1 October 2007 11:52 AM

Mail List Topics are an integrated component of the IASP Messenger System and are accessible via: Master Site Settings > Messenger > Mail List Topics.

All Mail List Topics added to your website automatically appear alongside checkboxes at the bottom of your website's User Registration Form and allow new Users registering or existing Users updating their profile to select or deselect the Mail List Topics they wish to subscribe to.

Note: IASP delivers website projects with all Mail List Topics published automatically selected by default, this requires Users to manually de-select the topic(s) they do wish to opt-into. If you would like your Mail List Topics to be deselected by default please contact IASP.

Note: The default text that appears directly above the Mail List Topics published at the bottom of your User registration form is:
I would like to receive information about:.

If you would like to customise this text please contact IASP.

For example, the IASP website's customised Mail List Header text is:
To receive IASP updates you MUST select from the options below...

In turn the Mail List Topics within your website automatically appear as Filtering Options within the IASP Messenger System and allow you to target e-mail or SMS campaigns to subscribers based on the Mail List Topic(s) they have selected.

To add a new mail list topic to your website:

  • Navigate to the Mail List Topics section of your website via the Administrator menu of your site.
  • Select 'Add a new item here' from the IASP Administration Tools dropdown: this will display the Mail List Topics Editor.
  • The Mail List Topics Editor contains three fields:
    1. Mail List Topic Name - this is the actual text that displays next to a checkbox at the bottom of your User registration form*
    2. List Order - if you have multiple Mail List Topics, the List Order controls the order the Mail List Topics will appear from top to bottom
    3. Status - like all content in your website, the Mail List Topics must be set to Live to display to visitors at the bottom of your User registration form
  • When you have completed the fields in the Mail List Topic Editor save the page and to view the results go to the Users section of your website and Add a new item here to view your User Registration form and notice how the Mail List Topic(s) now appears as an Opt-In option(s) at the bottom of the form.

*Once you have added a Mail List Topic you can edit it (rename it) or delete it at any time.

It is not recommended you ever rename a Mail List Topic as you could be in breach of Anti-SPAM legislation for sending different information to subscribers than they originally requested.

If you delete a Mail List Topic you can no longer send messages to subscribers who selected that topic.

For these reasons it is recommended in most cases to minimise the number of Mail List Topics you publish - in fact a single generic topic such as 'Our regular newsletter' would allow you to send virtually any information you wished to your entire subscriber database at once.

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