If I re-send a campaign, will previous recipients get another copy?

Wednesday, 4 April 2007 10:54 AM
In short, no. The IASP 5.0 Messenger system is engineered so that no user is ever sent the same campaign twice.

At stage 5 of the campaign transmission process, if a campaign is marked Archived, you can list existing recipients (see the screenshot to the right).

Note that any users who have already received the campaign are marked 'Sent', and cannot be deleted, whereas users who have not yet been sent the campaign can be freely added or removed from it.

Note also that when adding new recipients to the campaign, the checkbox next to users who are already added is greyed out; you cannot re-add users who have already received a copy, or are already in the list of new users.

When resending an archived campaign, only users not already marked as 'sent', that is, users newly added to the campaign who have not already received a copy, will receive it.

The purpose of this function is to allow users who may have been missed by the criteria used to send the campaign initially to receive the campaign without affecting users who have already been sent a copy. An example situation might be where a user has purchased a membership to a paid newsletter since a campaign was initially sent, and you'd like to re-send one of the paid campaigns to people who have joined since it initially went out.

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