How do I move images into new folders?

Monday, 23 March 2009 7:03 PM
Unfortunately, at present you are unable to move images already uploaded into the Virtual File System (VFS) into folders that have been created in the VFS.

There are 3 steps to move images from the root folder of the VFS into a new folder created in the VFS.

1.) Upload the images again into the desired folder.

2.) Find the pages of your site where the moved image are being used, and replace it with the new image by editing the page, and selecting the image in it's new folder.

3.) Once you are certain that you have replaced the images on your site to the new version of the image in it's new folder; then email with a list of the images you want to be deleted from the root folder, and we will delete them for you.

NOTE: It is important that you are certain that all instances of images used through your site have been swapped to the image in it's new folder, as after we delete them, if they have not been swapped, they will disappear from the page.

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