How do I manage Spam in my email client?

Friday, 1 January 2010 1:00 PM

Please refer to the Knowledge Base article outlining the new mail handling policy here:

You may also want to read how to manage spam through your webmail account here:

Each email client is different and the method of setting up spam management policies may differ. Please check the support website of the email client you are using for the most recent instructions.

To manage spam email in Mozilla Thunderbird:
  1. Go to Tools > Account Settings,
  2. Under the relevant account: click on "Junk Settings",
  3. Check: "Trust junk mail headers set by: " and next to it select: "SpamAssassin",
  4. Check: "Move new junk messages to:" and select the folder you want the junk emails go to (default setting is fine),
  5. Click ok.

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