How do I create special offers?

Monday, 30 June 2008 1:53 PM
A special offer is an adjustment (such as a discount of some kind) which is applied to certain customers under certain conditions.

Each adjustment consists of two components, an Adjustment Profile (The discount or other adjustment) and an Adjustment Rule (The circumstances or conditions under which the adjustment should apply)

Example Adjustment Profiles:
  • Profile "A": Apply 10% discount to entire order (including shipping)
  • Profile "B": Apply 5% surcharge to item price (does not include shipping)
  • Profile "C": Apply $20AUD discount
  • Profile "D": Apply $10AUD surcharge
Example Adjustment Rules:
  • If a customer orders 10 or more items apply Adjustment Profile "A"
  • If a customer orders more than $200 worth of items apply Adjustment Profile "C"
Creating your own adjustment: Use the following instructions to create your own special offer or surcharge

Visit your IASP Shopping Cart Control Panel and click 'Adjustments'

You will see a list of current Adjustment Profiles and Adjustment Rules. Look at the base of the Adjustment Profiles list and you will see a link titled 'new'.
Click this link and you will be taken to the Creating new Adjustment Profile page.

Choose a Name for your Adjustment Profile. This should be a name which immediately tells you what the Adjustment is or does. Something like "10% discount" "$20 off" or "5% surcharge".
Next, enter the adjustment value by entering a number and choosing from a list of available dropdown options.
To create a $20 discount enter '20' and choose 'Fixed Discount' from the dropdown options.
Enter the currency of your adjustment (The default currency is Australian Dollars)

Save your Adjustment Profile

Click Back to Adjustment Config and view your list of Adjustment Rules click new rule.

If you have more than one Adjustment Rule it will be important to decide what order the rules should be applied in. The Order tool will allow you to choose where in your list your new rule will appear - the order tool only becomes active once you have saved your rule at least once.

Choose the conditions of the adjustment rule. One or several conditions can apply. They can be conditions based on (for example - see the editor for the full list of conditions)

  • The affiliate who referred the customer (Requires subscription to IASP Affiliates Program)
  • The shipping and payment methods chosen by the customer
  • Specific account details
  • The date of purchase
  • The quantity or weight of items purchased
  • The total price
  • The purchaser address or shipping address of the order.

Choose the rule Action. This action will be carried out if all of the conditions specified in the Adjustment Rule are met. (ie, Choose the Adjustment Profile you created earlier).

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