How to add Contacts and use the Contact Us Editor

Sunday, 1 April 2007 12:00 AM

The Contact Us Editor allows you to add and manage the contact options that appear to visitors in the dropdown field at the top of the standard Contact Form.

Adding new contact options to the contact form is accomplished the same way as adding any item via the iASP cms:

1: Navigate to the section containing the contact form

2: Mouse over the iASP cms icon and select "Add a new contact option"

3: This will display the Contact Us Editor (which may be named the Contact Editor or similar depending on the configuration of your web site)

4: Complete the fields and save

The Contact Us Editor typically contains 4 fields:

RecordName (or Contact Name or Display Name or similar): The text entered here is as it appears to visitors in the dropdown field at the top of your Contact Form. Examples of this text could include: Sales Enquiries, Service Enquiries, Account Enquiries etc.

E-mail Address (or Contact or Contact Address or similar): This is the e-mail address all Contact enquiries sent by visitors to this contact option will be sent to.
Important Notes: To avoid typing errors when creating new contact options, the system does not allow direct entry of an e-mail address, instead it requires selection from existing registered Users via a User Picker. For convenience, the User Picker appears next to this form field that allows direct search and selection of the relevant e-mail address from among all registered (and confirmed) Users.
If the required e-mail address is not a current registered (and confirmed) User, a new User profile must be created (and confirmed) so it can then be selected via the User Picker.
If an existing registered User does not appear in the User Picker it is almost certainly due to the fact the User's registration was not confirmed. In this case the only solutions are to either contact Enotia Support or delete the relevant User from the User section and re-register (and confirm) the User again.

Order: If you choose to publish multiple contact options in the dropdown field within your contact form you can set the order that these contact options appear via the Order function. Follow the instructions contained in the Tool Tip next to this field when adding a new contact option or click the Arrow Tool next to the Order Field and follow the instructions when editing an existing contact option.

Status: Like all content published via the iASP cms, the contact option must be Live to appear to visitors within the dropdown field of your contact form.

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