How do I manage Spam in my webmail account?

Friday, 1 January 2010 1:00 PM
Please refer to the Knowledge Base article outlining the new mail handling policy here:
The iASP Webmail System allows Users to create Rules to manage SPAM.

To update the spam policies for your webmail account:
  1. Open Webmail at: and login to your email account,
  2. Create new folder and name it "Junk" or "Spam" ,
  3. Go to "Filters" and click on "Create New" ,
  4. Key in an arbitrary name in: "Rule Name",
  5. After: "For an incoming message that matches:" select: "X-Spam-Status" then "Contains" and then type in "Yes" (case sensitive),
  6. Under: "Do This:" select "deliver to folder" and then select the folder you have created (e.g Junk),
  7. Save the rule.
  8. If you like to run the filter every time you look at your Inbox you can go to Options > Filters and then check: "".

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