What are the iASP e-mail system settings?

Tuesday, 10 July 2007 4:03 PM
To request a new e-mail address, please contact Enotia directly.

Once the new e-mail account has been created by Enotia, there are a minimum of 4 x local settings required to enter into local e-mail programs such as Outlook to send and receive e-mail.

1/ Username - Your FULL e-mail address
2/ Password - As supplied by Enotia when your e-mail account was first set up. Passwords can be changed via the iASP Webmail system: https://smartermail.iasp.com.au or contact Enotia directly for assistance.
3/ Incoming Mail Server: mailbox.iasp.com.au
4/ Outgoing Mail Server: As provided by the local Internet Service Provider you are connected to the Internet via

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