How do I best insert an image?

Wednesday, 11 April 2007 2:47 PM
The best way to add an image to a page is to use the image tools built in to the editor specific to the type of page you're working on.

This usually takes the form of a field titled 'Section Image', 'Main Image', or similar. By clicking the 'Browse' button next to this field, you can pick any image you like from your computer and upload it.

In most cases the image will be automatically resized to fit, and in many cases it will take advantage of our advanced Image Popup function to let users view a larger version of the image than the small size displayed by default.

Images inserted in this way will be placed automatically by the engine in a way that suits the layout of your site and maintains a consistent appearance between pages.

We usually as a rule include at least one image field on each type of content page, however in some cases due to restrictions caused by layout or other configuration some page types may not have an image field. In this case please contact us to have one added.

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