How do I add a new heading to a menu?

Friday, 27 July 2007 3:45 PM
Adding new menu items may impact the layout of your site. Use this function with care as IASP cannot take responsibility for layout problems caused by adding too many menu items.

To add a new top level menu item mouse over the and select IASP 5.0 Icon and select Menus + Sections.

You will now be able to access the controls to edit the menus and sections of your website.

Scroll down until you find the menu that you want to make changes to. For example: Main Menu.

Associated with the menu you will find the following options:

Attach or detach sections to this menu >>
Create a new section within this menu >>

ClickCreate a new section within this menu.<<br>
Create the section record as you would any other page on your website.

Please note:
The section name is the name that will display in your menu. Please be aware that section names which are too long may impact the layout of your website differently in different web browsers.

Please be aware that adding too many menu items to a horizontal menu may cause problems with the layout of your website.

If you require further assistance adding menu items please raise a support ticket.

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