How do I add a members section?

Friday, 11 May 2007 1:06 PM
To set up a registered user only or member-only area of your site you will need to set up restricted access to the area or page.

1. Create the section or page which is to be your members-only or restricted area.

2. While in the edit view of your members-only section or page, scroll down until you find the access level drop-down. If this dropdown does not appear in the edit view for the record you wish to restrict, please raise a support ticket.

3. Choose your level of restricted access:
  • Public: visible to everyone
  • Registered User: Restricted to users who are registered on the site, and logged in.
  • Member level 1 - Member level 3: Restricted to users who have been granted the appropriate member level.
  • Administrator: Restricted to administrators
Note that Administrators gain access to all areas. Member Level 3 users gain access to all Member Level 1 & 2 areas and Member Level 2 gain access to all Member Level 1 Areas.

4. Choose whether you want the menu or list item to be visible to logged out users. The Display in Menu or Display in List tickbox controls whether your restricted access area is visible as a menu or list item to users who don't have the appropriate access. If this box is ticked then logged out users will see the area in menus and lists but if they click on it a submission return will display, prompting them to log in. If this box is not ticked then the area will be invisible to users without access - ie, users will need to log in to the site before they can see that the area even exists.

5. If you are restricting your area to Registered Users then you won't need to grant special access to your users - simply registering on the site will give your users access to your members only section. Make sure that your area is set to live and you are ready to go!

6. If you are restricting your area to Member Level 1, 2 or 3 you will need to grant the appropriate Member Access Level to some of your users before they will gain access to the area. You can grant access either sitewide or just for this section.

To grant special access sitewide visit the Manage Access area of your IASP Control Panel.

To grant special access for a particular section or area, navigate to the area you wish to grant special access to and select Manage Section Access.

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