How can I prevent nuisance comments from visitors?

Monday, 2 April 2007 11:27 AM
Depending on the individual specifications of your website, various Content Modules can be configured to allow comments by visitors.

Most typically Blogs are configured during the production process to allow visitor comments, however, any content, including products*, can be configured by the iASP support team to include visitor comments.

*Comments that relate to different types of content are customised to reflect their context by the iASP support team, for example, comments that relate to products for sale could be configured as Product Reviews.

When creating individual items within Sections that allow visitor comments, Administrators can determine the Policies relating to visitor comments for the individual item, these policies are designed to facilitate easy control over nuisance or unwanted visitor comments.

To be certain all visitor comments are approved by Administrators before being published, set the Comment Policy# to Moderated when creating the item. All comments submitted by visitors to items with a Moderated Comment Policy generate an e-mail alert to the Administrator, who must in turn approve (or delete) the comment.

#It is recommended you explain the acceptable and unacceptable comment parameters via publication of a Comment Policy in the Terms of Use section of your website.

Note: Setting the Comment Post Access Level to Registered User (or higher) requires visitors to be Registered (and logged in) to access the Post A Comment link. This also pre-populates the Registered Users Name and e-Mail Address in the comment details, which mitigates the risk of anonymous nuisance visitor comments.

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